I'm Danny Djeljosevic. I write comics and stuff.

Chances are you're here because I gave you a business card or something. I don't really post on this blog anymore, but here's a quick rundown where you can actually find me on the Internet:

I wrote a webcomic called The Ghost Engine, drawn by the awesome Eric Zawadzki. It updates twice a week, with a behind-the-scenes style blog post on Wednesdays.

I'm Co-Managing Editor of Comics Bulletin, a comic book news/criticism website of some note. Here's a link to everything I've written for the site.

My 2000 A.D. style eight-pager "Sgt. Death and His Metachromatic Men" is online at Champion City Comics. It has robots and Kirby-style art by Mike Prezzato.

Check out my Tumblr, the unfortunately named Sequential Fuckery, where I post the zine-style comics I draw and works in progress as well as reblogs other comics I come across.

Comics I've drawn include:

I also write movie reviews for Spectrum Culture and this one time I wrote text pieces for the PC role-playing game Academagia: The Making of Mages.

Follow me at @djeljosevic, where I, um, Tweet. I'm on the Facebooks and some Google Plusses and stuff, too. I'm really easy to find.